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Posted By Clayton Williams on June 21, 2013

ITS, Inc. is pleased to announce that our redesigned website is ready to go! We have spent a long time developing the best ways to describe what we do and provide streamlined access to products and services. There are several industries that we serve, but it always comes down to educating people, so we decided to approach our website in the same way.

Education never stops and we believe a website should be the same. Our new site will focus on highlighting new content (e.g. Tech Tips, Legislation, Professional Development, etc...), products, and services while bringing people together to discuss and look to the future for the next enhancement or educational update.

Everyone  here is excited and when asked what the best thing about the new site was, one person answered, "being involved, known that I my input helped shape something great!"

Here are some of the areas of the new site people felt had the greatest impact.

  • Training Events:  We have a new location and a new service because of it. We now host training events and workshops at our office space, a school building. How great is that.Click here to learn more.
  • Design Courses: We have been designing online courses and training curriculum for over 10 years and all courses are designed by teachers and educational technology professionals. Click here to learn more
  • Learning Management: Looking to training 1000+ people online, but do not know how. We have built our own Learning Management System to support your courses and the tracking of your users. Click here to learn more.  
  • Educational Media: We have in-house media specialists ready to help you record and create instructional videos or seminar recaps. Click here to learn more.

Here is a peek at what the old site looked like and how it compares to the new.

Old Website

New Website

We truly hope you enjoy exploring our new website!
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