How do I know what Browser I am using?
The easiest way is to use a service that detects Browser and version. Just click on one of the options below.

How do you take a screenshot?
A screenshot is an image/snapshot of your computer monitor screen. Often times Tech Support will ask you to send one to help identify issues.

1.) Have your screen look the way you want it to be captured.
2.) Find a key on your keyboard labeled something like "PrtScn" or "Prt Sc". This is usually in the upper right side of the keyboard.
3.) Press this key. You will not visually see anything happen on the screen. 
4.) Now, you have to put the screen capture in a file. Usually, this is either MS Paint or MS Word
5.) For this example open M.S. Paint
6.) Find the "Paste" and use it. Your screen capture should appear in the file. (If is does not go back to Step 1)
7.) Save the file. You can now email this file.

Mac (OS X)
1.) Command-Shift-3, This will take a screenshot of the screen, and save it as a file on the desktop. You can now email this file.
What is a Web Browser?
A Web Browser (a.k.a browser) is a software interface design to navigate the World Wide Web (a.k.a. The Internet). There are several brands of browsers out there the most common are:

What is the ITS, Inc. refund policy?
The following policy applies to refunds for online purchases and online professional development: 

1. Full Refund, within 48 hours of registration/No access or participation in any modules of a series or course.

2. Full Refund (Less $20 Processing Fee), After 48 hours of registration/No participation in any modules of a library and within 30 days of registration.

3. 50% Refund (Less $20 Processing Fee), After 48 hours of registration/participation in 35% or less of the modules in a library and within 14 days of registration.

4. No Refund, After 48 hours of registration/participation in more than 35% of the modules in a library.

When does Graduate Credit apply?
Graduate Credit will only apply to the semester for which course work is completed. If you started course work in October of 2013 and finished course work in March of 2013. The Graduate Credit would apply for the spring/winter semester.

Learning Management System

I am using Internet Explorer 8 and when I try to view my test results nothing happens or a orange caution icon appears in the bottom left corner.
IE 8 has some security issues that are preventing it from moving forward. 

1. Open Tools from the menu bar at the top and select Internet Options.

2. Click on the "Security" tab. 

3. Click on the "Trusted Sites" zone and then click on the "Sites" button. 
4. Uncheck the box that says "Require server verification (https:)". 
5. in the "Add this website.." box type "".
6. Click the "Add" button. The website should now be listed in the box below.
7. Click the "Close" button.
8. Move the vertical slider down so it says "Low".
9. Click "Apply" and then press "OK".
10. Close IE 8 completely and then restart.
I cannot seem to launch any courses. I can get to the launch page and I click to launch a course and it does not launch it?
Our courses are designed to open in pop-up windows. This typically is an issue if you have a pop-up blocker turned on.
I lost my password to access my courses. Can I contact someone?
Yes, you can email or you can give us a call M-F 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Eastern Standard Time at (517) 580-4356.

If you are using the CourseCenter Learning Management System then you can go to the login screen and select the "Forgot Password" option.
I signed up for some courses/series, now what?
Within 24 to 48 hours, you should receive e-mail that includes your username and password as well as login instructions. If you do not receive this e-mail Please contact
I signed up for some courses/series. How long can I access them?
A subscription to a course or series is usually 365 days. If the e-mail with your login instructions does not contain this information please send us an e-mail at 
What are the system requirements for accessing the LMS?
Typically our LMS, CourseCenter will work with recent versions of mainstream web browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari). However, please checkout our online compatibility page for more information
What types of online courses do you support?
We currently support SCORM 1.2 courses.

Educational Media

What is the process for creating an instructional video?
  1. A script/storyboard for the video is developed
  2. specific dialog and callouts are written
  3. All Scripts are approved and finalized.
  4. Video is developed
  5. Video is previewed
  6. Video is finalized and published

Instructional Design

How much does a course cost to develop?
The development cost for a course can vary greatly. Several factors go into estimating the cost for course development including:

  • How long you want the course (e.g. 1 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour)?
  • How much content you are providing (e.g. 30 slide PowerPoint, 20 page word document)?
  • How many graphics you are providing?
  • How interactive do you want the course (games, puzzles, videos, etc...)?
  • Are you Interested in Videos and Voice Overs?
  • How many assessment points do you want included?
Additional feature requests are evaluated and estimated on an individual course basis. Please give us a call at (517) 580-4356 to talk about your project. If you have not had a chance please check out our Instructional Design page
What is the best way to provide content for course development?
Every course development project can vary based on the audience and content goals. Typically, a PowerPoint is a good starting point.

Professional Development

Am I required to bring a mobile device to the Professional Development session?
No, typically your school administrator will work with us to determine any equipment will need to bring. We encourage you to bring your own device as it will provide a greater impact to your session time.
I forgot the Weebly password from our Professional Development session.
Please call (517) 580-4356 or email to request the password. Please include or have ready your name, the date, and the location of the session you attended.
What is a recommended class size for on-site visits?
We recommend between 6-24 participants. Blended Professional development may increase the recommended participant size.

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