Every training program and education curriculum needs a strong foundation to help guide and foster thoughtful learning.  Having a society and workforce that is more mobile and connected to the internet has lead organizations and higher education alike to turn to Learning Management Systems (LMS).

We are no strangers to Learning Management Systems having used different classroom and learning systems since the late 90s. However, we also know how difficult some of those systems perform and the challenges for students, instructors, and administrators. Often, we see a system that has 100+ features that is difficult to use or distracts from the learning experience. Our Learning Management System called CourseCenter  was built out of our drive to make a system that was simple, yet flexible for small to large training programs.


  • Digital Report Card
  • Digital Certificates
  • Bulk User Import
  • Admin Reports
  • Broadcast E-mail to Students
  • Series/Group Courses Registration
  • Options to sign-up for Learning Portal Website
  • User Friendly Interface
  • No Setup Fees 

  • Course Assignments
  • Course Documents
  • Course Chat
  • Course Discussions 
  • FREE Basic Theme and Logo Setup
  • Blended or Managed Learning
  • 365 Day Subscriptions
  • Single Course Registration

What is an LMS?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is software designed to present, engage, and track learners in an online learning environment. The software can act in a supplementary capacity to a traditional classroom, can be used as a fully self-paced and self-instructed capacity, or in a blended learning environment. 

What is a Learning Module?

A learning module, is a fully contained set of course content. Another name for a learning module is an online course. It is typically made using software, such as Lectora, that publish out different standards of online learning.The CourseCenter LMS supports the SCORM standard.

What is e-Learning?

The "e" stands for electronic. This is learning preformed using electronic media, usually on the Internet.


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