What is Instructional Design?

Instructional Design is a process whereby general ideas are systematically turned into instructional materials. It may also be referred to as Instructional Systems Design (ISD), Curriculum Design, or Instructional Technology. 

Why Hire Instructional Designers? 

Instructional Design is a key component when creating meaningful online learning experiences. Now, you may be thinking and we have heard it before, "That's simple, I could THAT". Yes, if all you want is reading material in a PowerPoint or a White Paper for people to read and are content with passive learning then you do not need an Instructional Designer. However, if do you want meaningful learning experiences for your learners than an Instructional Designer (ID) is needed. IDs have trained to analyze audiences, know how students learn, know how to motivate, know the technology, and help focus for more impactful learning.

You can also look at Instructional Designers as an investment to save time and money. We have often seen it where training programs are being redesigned abruptly due to company mergers, legislative changes, new management, etc... This abruptness usually puts people into an educator or overseer role without any direction. IDs can help give that direction and free-up people to handle other projects. Having IDs help create a training program that decrease the risk of ineffective programs and increase learner retention will ultimately increase the longevity of your training program.

How do we do it?

ITS knows of several time tested models (e.g. A.D.D.I.E., Rapid Prototyping, Dick and Carey) in how Instructional Design can be implemented. However, we have found that the A.D.D.I.E. model is the best balanced approach for most environments.

The ADDIE model is structured into 5 core elements

Analyze: This involves working with Content Experts to identify core learning objectives and assess learner needs.
Design: The overall instructional flow is designed
Develop: new materials and visual aids are crated
Implement: Learning material and activities are implemented into a course
Evaluate: Participant progress and instructional material are evaluated for effectiveness

Why Us?

Instructional Technology Services, Inc. uses technology and multimedia as tools to deliver and enhance instruction. ITS, Inc. provides the expertise to develop instruction that is delivered in an online platform using content specific to your organization or association. Instructional Designers at ITS, Inc. use best practices and work one-on-one with your organization's content experts to create and format a customized online learning experience that best meets the needs of adult online learners. 

Whether you are starting from scratch or need to convert an aging training program ITS, Inc. is here to help you meet your goals.

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