Instructional Technology Services, Inc. (ITS, Inc.) is a leader in leveraging educational technology to meet the needs of associations, companies, K-12 and higher education. We provide services for creating customized training curriculum with options for both online or blended learning. 

The global demand for continued education in most professions is significant. A continually growing workforce that is fast paced, now works virtually, enhances this demand for education.  The lack of capacity and access to traditional education has driven the growth of new instructional design strategies and blended technology opportunities.

At ITS, Inc. we understand how difficult it can be for employers and employees to keep up with the demand for "anytime, anyplace" workforce development or how associations, with their wealth of knowledge, are trying to provide access to their members who need the knowledge for certification purposes.

ITS, Inc. works with you to identify training and knowledge priorities and to build a process to reach your learners in the most significant way possible. We can help generate reports that access participant progress and competencies, link participants to customized learning portals, provide printable custom certificates for each completed course, and much more.

Here are a list of standard services ITS, Inc. provides:

  • Instructional Design: Convert content online, ensure quality of content, and provide instruction for specific programs.
  • Educational Media: Interactive examples, video creation, video walkthroughs
  • Learning Management: Our own Learning Management System (LMS) that can be leveraged for developed online content. 
  • Professional Development: Staff development on technology and how to integrate it into academic curriculum or the work-place to fit organizational needs.
  • Event Planning: The facility to run learning workshops
  • Online Courses: Internally developed learning series that can be applied were needed
  • ePortals: Provide learning portals for course registration with ecommerce options
  • Learner Support: E-mail and phone support, track learner progress, provide completion documentation and management reporting.
  • CD/DVD Learning: Distribute training via CD-ROM or DVD 

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