Helping People Train Better Since 1995!


Dr. Timothy Brannan founded Instructional Technology Services, Inc. in 1995 to provide professional development in alternative delivery formats and to provide technical writing services.  His first projects included bank and credit union product knowledge and cross-selling skills via computer-based training tutorials.  Now ITS, Inc. provides customized online training, multimedia development, technical writing and online hosting/support services.

In 2003, ITS, Inc. began working with the course authoring software, Lectora, and the Classroom Management System, CourseMill.

In 2006, ITS, Inc. partnered with Fidelity National to create content for an online training site (Fidelity National University) to training new agents and inform current agents on the ins and outs of their proprietary MLS, Paragon 4.

In 2007, ITS, Inc. started using its own custom made Learning Management System, CourseCenter. It provided the flexibility in tracking and client support that has been a backbone of the company. 

In 2007, ITS, Inc. partnered with MSAE to offer online education modules and record and convert a marketing session, "Advanced Marketing to Gen X & Trailing-edge Boomers", from the 2007 ORGPRO conference. 

In 2008, ITS, Inc. partnered with MSAE to offer video sponsorship for the ORGPRO conference.

In 2009, ITS, Inc. partnered with MPMCA and became the first state approved provider for delivering online certification for Michigan plumbing code updates.   

In 2011, ITS, Inc. moved into new offices in the former elementary school known as Gunnisonville Meadows were the facilities offered greater flexibility in hosting workshops, training events, conferences. It also provided ITS, Inc. with options to allow the community to get to know us better.    
In 2011, ITS, Inc. partnered with the Center for Youth Program Quality to develop several learning courses centered on improving youth center programs around the country.

In 2012, ITS, Inc. partnered with MEA to provide online professional development training courses and continuing education credits to its members. 

In 2012, ITS, Inc. released version 2.0 of its Learning Management System, CourseCenter. This version brought with it new course assignment options, embedded discussion forums, enhanced reporting, and grouped courses. 

In 2013, ITS, Inc. partnered with MALA to provided online training for providers and members.