"It is so heart-warming to see it come together" - MALA

The Michigan Education Association (MEA) has been working with Instructional Technology Services to provide and promote quality online professional development for MEA members. These programs are open to the State of Michigan's 88,000 teachers as well as educational support personnel statewide. This will potentially have the strongest impact on public education in our country, especially in high priority schools and with new teachers.

Since 2006, ITS, Inc. has partnered with the MPMCA as the only State-authorized online instruction source for required Code Update re-certification. Since the inception of the Online Code Update (2006 and 2009 still available, 2012 coming soon), ITS, Inc. has managed student traffic and record keeping for all past and present students of the Updates. The ITS, Inc. facilities have also been home to MPMCA on-site testing and face-to-face re-certifications.

Gunnisonville Meadows recently opened it's doors to the senior community! Before opening, Gunnisonville Meadows was charged with the huge task of hiring, supporting, and training a full-time staff. To help ensure these efforts. ITS, Inc. hosted CPR training, reviewed training materials and organized first day training drills along with face-to-face sessions.  ITS, Inc. looks forward to creating an employee focused Gunnisonville Meadows Training Portal, coming soon!

The Michigan Assisted Living Association (MALA) has been working with Instructional Technology Services, Inc. to provide and promote quality self-paced and blended learning curriculum for MALA members. These programs are meant to establish easily accessible basic training guides along with training for tools-of-the-trade. MALA's 3,000 plus members are able to access intro content as part of their membership and have the choice to sign-up for focused training content.

ITS worked with Fowler teaching and administrative staff to provide hands-on, real time professional development for Fowler Teachers. Each teacher came away from the session with completed a project/lesson to utilize in their classroom.

Thanks for your assistance and the time to work on something substantive! Most worthwhile PD day in 24 years! - Eric, Fowler Public Schools Teacher

Since 2011, ITS, Inc, has partnered with The Center for Youth Program Quality (CYPQ) to provide a comprehensive learning portal that provides clients with options to purchase training materials or enroll in online professional development series custom to CYPQ's goals.