Instructional Technology Services, Inc. appreciates an association's need to further the best interests of a particular profession and promote the interests of individual members. Often, this means associations are involved in the development and monitoring of professional educational programs. Instructional Technology Services, Inc. (ITS, Inc.) can assist associations, in producing meaningful online professional learning programs. These opportunities can stand alone or enhance current professional learning programs already developed. We can also assist in aligning training programs with known state requirements for related certificates. 

As associations grow and evolve using new technologies, so too should the opportunities for your association’s members. ITS, Inc. realizes the importance of exploring alternative ways to provide professional learning, and because of this need, ITS, Inc. has developed high quality, cost effective options for associations to provide member benefits. Whether it's saving money on travel or saving time from being away from the office, online professional learning can save your members and your association both time and money.

Whether it’s developing high quality, cost-effective professional development courses for your association or developing an entire customized approach for your members utilizing our Learning Management System (LMS), we understand each association has unique strategies, policies and challenges and would love the opportunity to discuss partnering with you to support your association.


  • Recently ITS, Inc has partnered with the Michigan Assisted Living Association (MALA) to develop customized online approach for professional learning for MALA Members.
  • ITS, Inc. is currently the only Michigan Certified Provider approved for Re-Certifying Michigan State Licensed Plumbers. 

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