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One of Instructional Technology Services, Inc. (ITS, Inc.) goals is to offer high quality online and blended professional development opportunities at the local and state level for K12 the community.

As the school year, the school day and typical classroom concepts evolve with the advent of innovative practices, new technologies and online learning, so too should the opportunities for teacher professional development.  ITS, Inc. realizes the importance of exploring alternative ways to provide professional development. This need propelled ITS, Inc. to develop high quality, cost effective options for educators around the country. 

ITS, Inc. provides customized online training, face-to-face training, blended training (face-to-face and online), and support services for K-12. We have a wide variety of online courses that can be purchased for K-12 educators to take anytime, anywhere and anyplace! Dedicated to the best practices of educational theory, professional development and training, ITS, Inc. applies the highest standards of development, instruction, and technology to every aspect of learning. 

ITS, Inc. is committed to working with the K-12 community in a variety of ways including on-site and off-site workshops. Most recently, we developed and hosted a Blended Learning Workshop introducing new ways iPads and other technology can be used in the classroom. We have options that include both online and face-to-face components. We provide attendees with the tools and resources needed to begin implementing blended learning in the classroom. ITS, Inc., also creates customized education portals for the K-12 community, utilizing our Learning Management System. 

We understand each entity has its own strategies, policies and challenges and would love the opportunity to discuss partnering with you to support your educators.

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