One of Instructional Technology Services, Inc. (ITS, Inc.) goals is to assist businesses, industries, companies and even clubs, in producing meaningful online employee workforce development opportunities. These opportunities can stand alone or enhance current professional learning programs. We also assist in aligning training programs with known state requirements for related certificates.

As organizations evolve with innovative practices, new technologies and social trends, so too should the opportunities for your organization's professionals.  ITS, Inc. realizes the importance of exploring alternative ways to provide professional learning, and because of this need, ITS, Inc. has developed high quality, cost effective options for organizations.  

ITS, Inc. provides customized online training, face-to-face and a blend of face-to-face and online training, as well as support services for organizations. Powerfully integrating technology into the educational environment creates an experience for the learner that is interactive, meaningful, and applicable. In addition, we work with educational partners and approved providers to offer incentives for your organization's professionals, such as CEUs for professional licensing, certifications and college, university or graduate credit.

ITS, Inc. is committed to working with organizations in a variety of ways. Whether it’s developing high quality, cost-effective training programs for your organization or developing an entire customized approach utilizing our Learning Management System. We understand each entity has its own strategies, policies and challenges and would love the opportunity to discuss partnering with you to support your organization's professionals.

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